LIFE – Das EU-Finanzierungsinstrument für die Umwelt

LIFE - The EU funding instrument for the environment

The EcoCare project is supported by the EU LIFE programme, Environment sub-programme: “Environment and resource efficiency”

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EcoCare: Less material – less waste – less greenhouse gas

Reducing environmental impacts of AHP with new eco-design:

  • Material Reduction (core, lofted fibers)
  • New sustainable materials (bio-based, renewable, recycled)
  • Supplier localization (EU-based)
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Material Reduction

EcoCare: Technical, Environmental and Market-related objectives

  • Reduced material (10-25%)
  • Waste prevention/reduction (10-25%)
  • Green House Gas emission reduction (5-15%)
  • Increasing sustainable resources:
    up to 50% in baby diapers,
    over 75% in menstrual protection
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EcoCare: Sustainable design for absorbent hygiene products

EcoCare is a 3-year demonstration project co-funded by the LIFE+ Program, the EU‘s funding scheme for environmental, nature conservation and climate action projects.

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European funding for EcoCare is approved under the LIFE+ Environment & Resource Efficiency Program 2019: LIFE18 ENV/DE/000137 ECOCARE

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EcoCare was preceeded by LIFE+ project “CELSTAB - A novel and highly sustainable feminine pad product” [LIFE13ENV/DE/001131]

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